Start Here

This is your starting point to familiarize yourself with the collective and get started in your journey!


Benefit from detailed coaching videos on topics. 

Monthly Challenges

Challenges that will help you create the change in your own world that will extend to the rest of the world with ease.

Your Reality Now

Get clarity on where you are so you know what is or isn’t working for you!

Evaluate your Path

Access the Rebel Spark Goal Book and get ready to set your Be, Do and Have goals!

Be Bold

Embrace who you are and follow your spark. Take stock on what matters and what doesn’t.

Energy Matters

When you know what’s draining you, the better boundaries you can set and be on the top of your game.

Let it go

The thoughts you have, the relationships you keep the beliefs you hold, they either hurt you or serve you.


Taking care of yourself is never selfish but just think about the things you can do when your well is full.


Your habits and routine are important for your be, do and have goals you are wanting to achieve! 

Action + Motivation

Without motivation, there’s no action. With no action, there will be no results.  

Recognize your thoughts

Self-awareness is the key to rewriting the story and the thoughts that are getting in the way!

Key In

Key into your beliefs and values so you know where you stand and be confident in not swaying when you’re going against the stream.


Courses and trainings to help you move through each phase and change you are experiencing.


My personal notes as challenges present themselves and how I move through them.